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FarmVille Rainbow Adventure Countdown : Day 2!

29 Aug

Hey Farmers! Today is Day 2 of FarmVille Rainbow Adventure Countdown & Today you will need to Ask For “Fire Feathers” From Your Friends By Sharing the Post on Your Wall! If You Are Able to Collect Enough of it Then You Will be Rewarded with “Fire Bull” Remember to Collect All the 12 Prizes of Countdown If You Want “Prism Unicorn”.

Fire FeathersFire Bull

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FarmVille Rainbow Adventure Countdown!

28 Aug

FarmVille and Zynga are rolling out the next countdown, the Rainbow Adventure countdown! You will be collecting 12 items again, 1 per day which will result in 1 reward per day. Collect all 12 and you will receive the bonus award. You will need to collect Ruby Shards, Fire Feathers, Mahogany Seeds, Orange Flowers, Amber Shards, Yellow Spurs, Machineel Fruit, Green Caps, Turquoise Leafs, Blue Shades, Indigo Dye and Violet Flowers.

You can earn rewards such as the Ruby Fairy Gnome, Fire Bull, Mahogany Tree, Orange Gnome, Amber Dragon, Amarillo Armadillo, Manchineel Tree, Environmentalist Chicken, Turquoise Tree, Blue Hound Dog, Indigo Flower, Violet Sheep and Prism Unicorn .

Below is the List of the Items You will required to request for the countdown!

Ruby Shards Fire Feathers Mahogany Seeds Orange Flowers Amber Shards Yellow Spurs
Ruby Shard Fire Feather Mahogany Seed Orange Flower Amber Shard Yellow Spur
Manchineel Fruits Green Caps Turquoise Leafs Blues Shades Indigo Dyes Violet Flowers
Manchineel Fruit Green Cap Turquoise Leaf Blues Shades Indigo Dyes Violet Flower

 Below is the List of Confirmed Prizes!

Fire Bulls Mahogany Trees Orange Gnomes
Ruby Fairy Gnome Fire Bull Mahogany Tree Orange Gnome Amber Dragon Amarillo Armadillo
Manchineel Trees Environmentalist Chickens Turquoise Trees Blues Hounds Wild Indigo Bloom
Manchineel Tree Environmentalist Chicken Turquoise Tree Blues Hound Wild Indigo Bloom Violet Sheep

After Collecting All the Prizes atlast you will be Awarded with Prism Unicorn!

 Prism Unicorns

Rainbow Countdown

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